What is a Driving Diva?

I’m often asked “What exactly is a Driving Diva?”.  For starters, it’s not what you may think.  You just might be surprized to learn that you may be a Driving Diva yourself!  So I’ll get straight to my definition of an authentic ‘Driving Diva’…


The Top Ten reasons I know I’m a Driving Diva when…

1. I take care of my own car’s needs.  If I can drive then I am certainly capable of dealing with an auto repair shop myself.

2. I expect respect and honesty.  I’m not a fool – I know when I’m being ‘taken for a ride’ and won’t put up with it.  I like to be treated like a friend and know that I am being dealt with in the same way I treat others.

3. I need to feel comfortable when I have concerns or questions about the repairs being done to my car.  I like to be kept informed about what’ s being done to my vehicle because I want to be in ‘the know’.  I’m paying for it – so let me decide whether I want to have it done or not.  I really appreciate it when a technician takes the time to explain the issues to me AND gives me the space to call my own shots.

4.  Knowledge means power to me.  I’m not a ‘DIY’ and never will be (good grief – I find it hard enough to find time to see my hair stylist let alone crawl underneath my car to watch oil drip!).  But I want to have access to information so I can make an informed decision.  When a business shares free information & tips (rather than keeping me in the dark) I really appreciate that.

5. I love convenience! There are never enough hours in the day to get the things I need to get done.  Taxiing kids, work, groceries, house cleaning and errands is not even a full day of work for me!  If I could double up on tasks to save time – it’s a blessing for me (having a pedicure while getting an oil change done on my car at the same time… is a slice of heaven 🙂 )

6. Appreciation is never overrated.  I like it when a business says ‘thank you’ and at least tries to remember my name.  And if they call me to make sure that my car is running well after service (a real voice on the phone), all the better. 

7. A comfortable and ‘clean’ office is my kind of space.  I don’t want to have to worry about getting grease on my suit when I sit down.  Leave the grease where it belongs!  And the wait time seems so much longer when I have to sit in a ‘dull’ boring office reading dusty magazines that are almost as old as my car.  If I can sit in a nice comfy ‘clean’ chair, read a good book, have a good cup of Java along with some good background music – I’m all set.  Take your time…

8.  I LOVE rewards programs.  When a business gives back to their loyal clients – they win my loyalty.  Don’t you hate it when ‘first time’ clients receive better specials than you, the long running client?  The fact that I’m given something back for my continued business – is a special perk I really appreciate.

9. Great customer service stands out in my books.  Too often, good customer service is hard to find nowadays.  When I’m greeted in a friendly way and I know my needs are always looked after – I look forward to going back again, and again.

10.  Finally – last but not least, I like the name.  Driving Diva has a cute ring to it 😉

To all my Driving Divas (and Divos) ,  welcome home to Ladies Choice AutoCare.  We are “Home of the Driving Divas”!


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Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog fellow Driving Divas and Divos!  My blog is a space to share tips and advice on proper car care, child car seat safety, info about our Diva’s Car Care Clinics, updates on what’s new at our shop and a mixed bag of other interests for our Driving Divas and Divos.

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