Tara DeBruin

Against the advice of many, Tara DeBruin stepped into the world of lug-nuts, gears and grease. And you can still see her bristle when she is referred to as the ‘wife of the mechanic’- but her role is much bigger than many may realize.

In September 2005, against many odds Tara began planning for a new business – Ladies Choice AutoCare.  By November 2007 she and her husband had purchased a garage, relocated and opened the business.

Tara set out single-mindedly building and marketing Ladies Choice AutoCare, almost doubling the income of the previous owners in the first year of business.  Offering car care clinics for women, spa services, child car seat clinics and hosting charitable events – the garage has become the talk of the town.  Some would say Tara boldly goes where many women fear to tread – but Tara she sees it as a natural progression.

Tara DeBruin is a Graduate of Ryerson University in the Human Resources program.  She upgraded her Human Resources skills through McMaster University.   She has worked in Corporate, Hospitality and Retail Industries specializing in employee recognition, benefits and event planning.  She has also worked in recruitment, training and performance management in the aerospace and automotive parts manufacturing.

Ladies Choice AutoCare is her second business – her first an HR agency – contracting to a number of companies.

Tara’s focus is on customer care and client retention as well as marketing.  She is a breath of fresh air to the automotive industry bringing a touch of class to an industry that can certainly benefit from a woman’s touch.


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