Love your business, love your clients: Intention is good, but action tells the real story.

I love my clients and I love my business. Making the connection with people and giving the ‘over & above service’ for them is what I love to do. It is so important that you connect the two because people feel it and know it without you even having to say a single word. Intention is good, but action tells the real story.

I had a fantastic time at our annual Driving Diva Holiday Event last night. It is our end of the year extravaganza night to give back to our clients, connect and celebrate the season with them. Yes – we had the major sales event and prizes, but most importantly – it was a time to enjoy our clients by offering an evening of fun, food & festive cheer. I could feel the amazing energy buzzing around me and it also gives me the opportunity to hear how we are doing as a business to serve them.

Giving back to the community, our staff and our clients feels great. When you are in the service industry and you shudder at the thought of having to ‘give back’, then I think you are in the wrong industry. You have to have the ‘spirit to serve’ in order to be genuinely successful. And that also includes giving back. To me, it’s not all about the ‘sale of the day’ it’s building and cherishing client relationships. We’re not just an automotive repair business – we’re really serving people.


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