Does the justice system allow us to serve our Civic duty?

Today I had attended the selection process for Jury duty. I have always wanted to be called upon for this privileged duty, but I had mixed feelings when I received the ‘official letter’ of role call. Why did I have to be called up now? For the next month – my schedule is absolutely insane! This is the busiest time of the year for business. Instead, I went in with an open mind and open to be flexible. After I heard the hearing from the judge and the type of case it was, I certainly wanted to be part of this decision making process.

We were told it would require a two week committment – two weeks? Hmmm….this might take a bit of juggling. As I reviewed my BB and tried to juggle my schedule around – I felt I could still make this happen. If I am selected, then I would be honoured to fulfill this important duty and offer my input towards the decision making process.

I was told that the court proceeding would start today.  Today!?!!!  Are you kidding?  Who can stop everything at the drop of a hat for two weeks? It was very disappointing for me. I had to ‘plea’ my case that I could not afford the time off with such short notice. 

As a business owner, it is a difficult feat to be able to stop everything immediately.  I have scheduled presentations and workshops that I will be hosting this week.  To cancel these, it would have a big impact on business.  Walking out of the courtroom I was followed by business people and a similar group of career professionals that were able to be ‘relieved’ from the jury process. 

The question I ask – if the judicial system is most effective to by having a a good representation of society, are they really allowing ‘reasonable’ expectations for people in business to serve this civic duty? or are they leaving us out?


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